The Tanzanian Associate is proud to present an Analysis of Law and Practice regarding labour disputes settlement for public servants in Tanzania, a webinar session that focuses on the practice and laws of public servants’ disputes in the country.

The session will be facilitated by Usekelege Nahshon Mpulla, Zonal officer in charge of the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (“CMA”) Dar Es Salaam Zone.

The session will focus on answering the following questions;Who is a public servant and what is the government under the current law?

What are the applicable laws & rules in labour disputes involving public servants?

What are the disciplinary procedures before a public servant is sanctioned? (i.e., terminated)

Which machineries have Jurisdiction to deal with disputes involving public servants? (i.e., Is CMA vested with jurisdiction?)

What should a public servant do and where should they go if aggrieved by the decision of the government?

What rights and reliefs are available for the aggrieved public servant?

The format of the webinar will be by way of training by the facilitator, audience polls, Q&A. Participants can submit questions in advance or during the live session. P.s.

This webinar session has been accredited by the Tanganyika Law Society (“TLS”), therefore Tanzanian Advocates who attend will be awarded 2 CLE points by TLS.

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